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This webpage was created by Gina Manders and Brenda Zabriskie to fulfill an assignment
for ES340 Gemstones and Gemology/ES567 Gemstones of the World, a course at Emporia State University.
  If you consider yourself a rockhound, you will want to visit Robert C. Beste's website and download his book for Rock Hounds. He is a professional geologist. The book is in three parts and requires Adobe Reader as all three are in PDF-format. We have provided links to the book below:

Part 1 Table of Contents, Alabama through Idaho 155 pp. (1.96 MB) Min-Loc05-1 PDF

Part 2 Illinois to North Dakota 186 pp. (1.86 MB) Min-Loc05-2 PDF

Part 3 Ohio to Wyoming, with twelve appendices (including Glossary and Bibliography)
            193 pp. (1.24 MB) Min-Loc05-3 PDF

Beste also has downloadable MS Access databases regarding mineral locations around the world at the same website. He has noted he is working on a new edition of the book so you may want to visit his website later for updated mineral locations.

If you enjoyed our gemstone maps and gem game and would like to learn more about gemstones please visit our instructor's course materials at Emporia State University by clicking here. Or better yet, if you haven't already taken the course--enroll the next time it is offered.
Thumbnail of 3D EarthLink to our Gemstones of the World course and our gem course happy face!! Pearls: Saltwater Akoya (top strand - hybrid of Pinctada chemnitzii and Pinctada fucata martensii), South Sea Golden (Pinctada maxima), Black Tahitian (Pinctada margaritifera); Freshwater Chinese (Hyriopsis cumingii- lower, right strand-natural colors). Photo by J.S. Aber, 6/2011 Link to Grand Lake resources page Link to news page
Photo by J.S. Aber, 6/2011
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