An oblique view of the superfund site

Image Source:  Governor's Task Force Website

Our group decided on the Tar Creek Superfund site as our project since the problem is effecting areas of Kansas and Oklahoma and our team includes members from both states. 

We are looking for correlations between Superfund site areas of known contamination and public well readings.

Our map composition combines a raster image of the Tar Creek Superfund Site with a layer that identifies mine tailings (chat), the location of the cities within the site, the area's public water source (Aquifer) and the public wells and test wells that are being monitored for contamination. 

The map layer combinations were very difficult due to the fact that many different agencies have been working on the problem and did not use the same scale and presented their respective maps on websites in a number of different formats.

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Due to these incompatibilities it was necessary to retype metadata in Excel, then convert it to Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to make the information available for viewing.  It was also difficult to insert hyperlinks on our map image.  We finally inserted the map in a PowerPoint file, copied the Acrobat Reader versions of the spreadsheet into the PowerPoint, inserted many hyperlinks for the individual well data and then converted the PowerPoint file to an Acrobat Reader file.  This was necessary due to limitations in our webpage software.

The map layering was so complex that we required the guidance and assistance of Jake and Patrick.  We offer these two more experienced map-composers much appreciation for their willingness to help.

Click on this thumbnail image of Patrick Laird to see larger image.
Click on this thumbnail image of Jake Stevenson to see larger image.

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Please click on the small image to the right to view the full-size map composition. You may click on various well locations to view data for individual wells.  Please click on the "Back to Map" icon after viewing data for each well and click on the "Return to Combining Map Layers" icon when you are through looking at the map.

Please click on the folder image at left to view the well analysis data for all wells.


We will allow time for exploration of the provided data and related links.










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