Mudville Manders

Emporia State University
Final Projects:

ES 546
Field Geomorphology

ES 567
Gemstones of the World

ES 775
Advanced Image Processing*

IT 743
Digital Game-based Learning

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The following final ESU projects will require reposting and considerable
time to fix due to accidental
dumping of files at source location:

ES 351
Intro to Geospatial Analysis

ES 551
Computer Mapping Systems

ES 555
Small Format Aerial Photography

ES 771
Remote Sensing

ES 767
Wetland Environments

Welcome to our website. We will feature information regarding our area's EPA Superfund site, the Tar Creek Superfund site, and other topics that peak our interest.

On the sidebar to the left please find links to some of Gina's Emporia State University final projects.

*Please note there is a broken link on the ES775 project for EarthExplorer. The current URL is

As we only reside a few miles from the Tar Creek Superfund site, this area offers much opportunity for research and study.
Gina was co-author of Tri-State Mining District legacy in northeastern Oklahoma (view here). Gina was co-author of Route 66: Geology and legacy of mining in the Tri-state district of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Published in From Precambrian rift volcanoes to the Mississippian shelf margin: Geological field excursions in the Ozark Mountains field guide 17, K. R. Evans and J. S. Aber (Eds.), The Geologic Society of America. Her final research paper for her M.S. in Physical Science was An Analysis of the Neosho and Spring River basins for spatial and temporal variabilities and chemical trends in the Tri-State Mining District of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.

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Below, please find some resources we hope you find useful:
(Thank you, Lindsey Weiss, teacher, for a number of these great resources)


New! Home Science: Backyard Astronomy Basics

(Thank you to Zach Powell for this great learning page!)

New! Sky and Telescope

American Meteor Society Fireball FAQs

Celestial Objects to Observe


EarthSky's Guide to the Visible Planets
(this may become outdated but you can also find it by following a link
on EarthSky's homepage)

Mars Exploration, Mars Rovers Information, Facts, News, Photos

NASA's International Space Station Spot the Station

National Archives Information on Space Exploration


Earth and Space Science Fair Projects

Hope Science Fair Page

Ultimate Guide to Science Fair Displays


New! The Best Guide to Mineralogy
(Thank you, Keri Evans, Science Teacher, for this new resource!)

Guide to Geodes
(Thank you to Megan Boyd for a great learning page!)

Guide to Diamonds, Rocks and Minerals 
(Thank you to Courtney Phillips and students, for this 
great learning page!)

Rock Hound Kids: All about Rocks, Minerals,
and Fossils
(thank you, Emory, for this URL!)

ArcGIS Resources

Bloom's Taxonomy

EPA Toxic Release Inventory Data and Tools

Free courses at Yale University (non-credit)

Free Shapefiles and More

Kite and Blimp Aerial Photography by
J.S. and S.W. Aber
(includes links to explanations of equipment needed. They offer consulting, too!)

Latitude and Longitude of a Point

Math Online Calculators

Metric Conversions

MSSU's Tri-State Mining Maps

GEO Agent (Excellent resource!)

OU's Center for Spatial Analysis

Oops! The 20 Most Common College Freshman Mistakes - Expert Tips for a Successful (And Fun!) First Year of College
(Thank you, Ryan Kelly, Affordable Colleges Online, for this great information)

Finding GIS Data (from OSU)

Typing International Accent Marks
and Diacritics

USGS Landsat Data Products

Wolfram Alpha Computational Intelligence (Comparing Demographics by Zip Code here)

We will try to add links to anything of interest regarding geospatial analysis and astronomy.

The ESU class projects featured on the left are the property of the authors. Information from the projects may be used if proper citation is provided. A few of the project pages have crashed and I cannot retrieve the data, unfortunately.

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